Last Updated: 08 Apr 2020 12:55pm

I’ve completed my period of self-isolation but my boss won’t let me return to work without clearance or a coronavirus test

The national approach is only to test people who are unwell AND have recently travelled overseas or interstate or been in contact with a person confirmed to have the virus. There is no value in testing people who are well.

The Department of Health does not issue medical certificates.

See Information for employers.

I’ve been sick and have recovered but my boss won’t let me return to work

You can complete a Statutory Declaration stating you are ready to return to work.

Does the self-isolation period apply to travel by Fly in Fly out (FIFO) workers

Unless the FIFO worker is captured under the Essential Traveller classification, they will need to self-isolate in government provided accommodation for 14 days.

People who travel interstate for work but who ordinarily reside in Tasmania can apply for Essential Traveller status if they can provide evidence that the requirement to enter 14 days of self-isolation in government provided accommodation upon entry to Tasmania would lead to an unusual, undeserved or disproportionate hardship.

Does the self-isolation period apply to travel commercial fishers and recreational boaters

Commercial fishers and recreational boaters do not need to self-isolate if they have not set foot interstate or overseas, and have not taken on crew from interstate and overseas in the past 14 days. See Coming to Tasmania for more information.

Advice for fruit pickers, working backpackers and transient workers

Fruit-pickers, working backpackers and other workers can continue to:

  • live at a caravan park or other commercial accommodation provider for the purposes of their employment if they have no alternative accommodation options; and
  • travel for the purposes of moving to and from work.

Emergency accommodation is available to travellers who are affected by the restrictions on accommodation facilities in Tasmania. A list of available accommodation for travellers can be found on the Communities Tasmania website.