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Last Updated: 16 Dec 2020 9:18am

COVID-19 Small Business Energy Support Grant Program

One off grant payments of $1,000 are available to eligible businesses who have not been eligible for the COVID-19 electricity, water and/or sewerage wavier available from service providers from 1 April 2020.

The COVID-19 Small Business Energy Support Grant Program will open for applications at 12 noon on 31 August 2020 and remain open until 12 noon on 26 October 2020.

Go to the Business Tasmania website for more information and to apply.

Event Infrastructure and Critical Support Small Business Grant Program 

The Event Infrastructure and Critical Support Small Business Grant Program aims to assist suppliers of event services whose operations have been substantially impacted by COVID-19 related restrictions.

The $2.5 million in grant funding will support sustaining fixed costs such as wages, rent and servicing debt associated with business assets purchased before 29 February 2020. This is a competitive, merit based grant program, meeting the eligibility criteria will not guarantee the business will receive a grant.  Applications close 12 noon 13 November 2020.

Visit the Business Tasmania website for more information and to apply.

Small Business Advice for Recovery Program

Small businesses can receive a grant of $750 toward the cost of engaging an appropriate consultant to provide advice or a service that will assist the business in its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications close Monday 22 February 2021 at 12:00 pm, or when the funding has been fully allocated, whichever occurs first.

Visit the Business Tasmania website for more information and to apply.

Business Vehicle Registration Relief Package

Registration freeze for light and heavy vehicles

Small businesses looking to suspend activity due to the COVID-19 business downturn and trading restrictions can apply to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to freeze their business vehicle registrations for both light and heavy vehicles.

Registrations can be reactivated at no cost to them when the business restarts. The maximum period that a registration can be frozen is 12 months.

Heavy vehicle registration and motor tax waivers

For heavy vehicles of over 4.5 tonnes the Government will waive fees for registration and the road component of motor tax for 12 months.

Operators will still need to pay the regulatory component of motor tax which goes to fund the operations of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).


Significantly impacted business owners can apply for the Registration freeze for light and heavy vehicles or the Heavy vehicle registration and motor tax waivers. Apply using the Transport Tasmania's Registration Business Support Package form.

You will need to provide details on your business registered for tax purposes in Australia and your Australian Business Number (ABN) and make a declaration that your business activities have been ceased or suspended.

Approval will be at the discretion of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Fisheries Assistance

Payment waivers for licence fees for the next 12 months are being offered to licence holders in the following Tasmanian wild capture fisheries:

Abalone Dive Australian Salmon Automatic Squid Jig Banded Morwong
Beach Seine A Beach Seine B Clam Georges Bay North Cockle Ansons Bay
Commercial Dive Danish Seine Fish Processing Licence Giant Crab
Introduced Marine Plant King Island Kelp Limited Danish Seine Mackerel - Category A
Mackerel - Category B Marine Plant Native Oyster Georges Bay Octopus
Pacific Oyster Personal Fish Handling Purse Seine Net
Rock Lobster Scalefish A Scalefish B Scalefish C
Scallop Small Mesh Gillnet Southern Calamari Undaria
Venereupus Vessel Wrasse   

Who is eligible?

Commercial fishers and processors who hold the licence types listed above are eligible. The waiver is for 12 months and will take effect for those licences that are due for renewal after January 2020. Payments already made for those licence fees listed above in the new (2020-21) licence year will be refunded. Fee relief will be automatic at the time of the next licence renewal. Note that renewal dates vary by fishery.

When will the initiative be available?

Fee relief will be automatic at the time of the next licence renewal. Note that renewal dates vary by fishery.

When will more information be available?

An update on how these waivers will apply, and procedures for refunding of certain licence fees that have recently been paid, can be found on the DPIPWE website. Fishers can access more information by contacting the Department on 1300 368 550 or 03 6165 3000 or email

Licensed fishers and processors covered by these waivers will receive an email outlining the procedures from the Department.

Shellfish Industry

Shellfish marine farm licence holders will have their licence and rental fees waived for the 2020/21 licensing period. The Government will also waive the 2020/21 Shellfish Market Access Program (ShellMAP) levy for these leaseholders.

When will the initiative be available?

This initiative will apply to all lease rental fees due for licensed shellfish farmers from 1 April 2020 for a period of 12 months and to shellfish licences for the 2020/21 licence period.

How do I apply?

Renewals of shellfish marine farming licences are due at the end of April and fee relief for licenced species and the ShellMAP levy will be automatic.

An application form to waive lease rental fees will accompany licence renewal notices, which will be sent out to all licence holders.

Stay Afloat

TSIC and RAW Tas have commenced a project to address:

  1. dedicated on-the-ground support for seafood operators, delivered through the RAW Outreach Program; and
  2. relevant educational resources to encourage fishers to look out for other fishers, and mates to look out for their mates and to seek further support if needed.

See the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council website for more information.

Local Government Loans Program

The Local Government Loans Program has been developed to assist local governments to invest and employ more staff to upgrade, renovate and to do necessary maintenance to improve existing local government infrastructure.

See the Department of Treasury and Finance website for more information.

Rapid Response Skills Initiative

The Rapid Response Skills Initiative (RRSI) provides up to $3000 towards the cost of training for people who have lost their jobs because they have been made redundant, the place they worked has closed, or the employer had to let staff go.

See the Skills Tasmania website for more information.

Enterprise Centres Tasmania

Free advice and support is available from Enterprise Centres Tasmania a state-wide network of independent business advisors. To access this assistance contact Business Tasmania on 1800 440 026 or

For more information about specific support available visit the Business Tasmania website.

Business Growth Loan Scheme

The Tasmanian Government has announced a $60 million Business Growth Loan Scheme.

The scheme provides businesses with concessional loan funding to adapt and transition to sustainable post-COVID operating models.

Loans from $20,000 to $3 million are available for eligible businesses and new projects. The scheme is open for 12 months or until all funding has been fully allocated, whichever occurs first.

For more information visit the Business Tasmania website or call 1800 440 026.