Buying Tasmanian

03 Jun 2020

Tasmanians are a creative, talented, resourceful and incredible fine producers.

We are also part of a strong and connected community that looks out for one other. Our businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and helping out local businesses has been at the forefront of many people’s minds.

If you are looking for something you need, a gift for someone or a new experience, spending your money locally will have a great impact on the community, our recovery from COVID-19 and make a difference to people that live on your street, in your city or across Tassie. Buy Something Tasmanian has been launched to help connect customers with Tasmanian businesses and products.

The website brings Tasmanian products, services and experiences to a central place. Whatever you need or desire can be found using an easy to navigate directory that allows you to search by category, region and method of purchase (e.g. pickup, online or delivery). Even if you are not looking for something to buy right now it is a good place to ‘take a scroll’ for future gift/experience ideas or simply to get inspired by how wonderful, dynamic and diverse our business community is. Maybe you have your own Tasmanian business aspirations or are looking for some inspo from local creatives? Shopping local is one of the greatest things you can do to support the place you live and the local offerings you love.

Another delightful online source is Wine Tasmania’s online one-stop-shop for you to explore and order ‘the greatest hits’ of Tasmanian wine. There is also a great link that connects you to buy directly from the producer.

For those who have been perfecting cooking and baking skills, you might like to expand your skills in the kitchen by purchasing a crowd-funded cook book from Pigeon Whole Bakers and restaurants Tom McHugos and Sonny Wine Bar. Get the inside scoop on baking skills with the master bakers at Pigeon Whole, upskill to gastro-pub food with 20 seasonal recipes from Tom McHugos, and finesse your homemade pasta with Sonny Wine Bar. The book is published by SomeKind press with profits shared by the writers, designers, editors, photographers and illustrators – a great way to support Tassie hospitality and a variety or creative industries all at once.

Supporting each other to rebuild our wonderful state is so important and seeing how the community has come together to do this is truly remarkable. Let’s keep up this wonderful work – shop local when you can, give your neighbours and friends crafting home-grown experiences and products a shout out and be blown away by what’s on offer when you start exploring.