Safe singing in groups

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2020 3:19pm

Communal singing is an activity that many Tasmanians do in choirs, places of worship, schools and community groups.

Although there is some indication that the risk of COVID-19 spread may be higher during the act of singing, there is not enough evidence to make a conclusive assessment about the risk of transmission.

To help manage any risk posed by people singing in groups, current restrictions on gatherings should be followed and COVID-19 Safety Plans implemented.

Information is available under Gatherings and COVID-19 Safe Workplace Guidelines.

Whilst the COVID-19 Safety Plans do not specifically mention choirs or singing in groups, the plans do provide guidance on how to ensure safe gatherings including hygiene, physical distancing and cleaning.

The COVID Safe Workplace Guidelines for the Cultural and Creative Industry may also be useful.

This advice may change in the future as more is understood about COVID-19 or the level of its spread in Tasmania.