Coping with quarantine

What to expect

Quarantine can affect people in different ways. You may experience:

Shock (feeling numb)

Body reactions (feeling sick)

Thoughts (feeling confused)

Emotions (fear/anger or sadness)

Behaviour (cannot sleep, changes to diet)

Attitudes (feelings of guilt or failure)

Social (avoiding people or needing to talk about it)

How to look after yourself

  • Keep in touch with people you trust via telephone, email or social media
  • Talk about it
  • Exercise indoors
  • Give yourself time
  • Try to relax
  • Breathe slowly
  • Remember that quarantine is temporary.

How to look after others

  • Listen to their worries, ask what is important to them
  • Reassure children using age-appropriate language
  • Offer to assist with simple things
  • Let them show their feelings
  • Give them time to adjust
  • Reassure them about safety and security
  • Remind them to eat.

You are not alone

Seek help if:

  • you are worried
  • you have no-one to talk to
  • your physical feelings worry you
  • you continue to feel upset.

Do not wait until you are not coping. You can talk to someone now.

Where to get help

In an emergency, always call Triple Zero (000).