Brisbane Grand Chancellor quarantine travellers in Tas update

14 Jan 2021

Scott Tilyard, Deputy State Controller

Tasmanian Public Health authorities have contacted all travellers in Tasmania who completed their international quarantine requirements at the Brisbane Grand Chancellor Hotel on or since December 30.

Deputy State Controller Scott Tilyard said already all of the 14 travellers have been contacted and are being managed on a precautionary basis. All of the travellers will be required to undertake a further quarantine period and be further tested while the risk of exposure in Queensland is investigated. Ten of those travellers are the crew of the Bucco Reef catamaran and are quarantining on the vessel.

“At this stage there is no information to indicate any of the people have posed a COVID-19 risk to the community,” Deputy State Controller Tilyard said.

“They completed their 14 day quarantine period in Queensland as required and none were displaying any symptoms on their release from quarantine.

“All had returned negative tests at their time of departure from their quarantine in Queensland.

“However as a precautionary measure, due to a number of COVID cases in the hotel that was used in Brisbane, Tasmania is being extra cautious.

“Tasmania is putting a further quarantine period process in place for these travellers and they will be tested and monitored during this period.

“At this stage we have not identified a COVID risk to the wider community as all appropriate measures were followed. However we will continue to monitor the condition of the travellers and if further tracing is required this will be done immediately.”