Free bus rides ending – get your smartcard

30 Jun 2020

Department of State Growth

Free rides on Tasmania’s buses end on Sunday 5 July 2020, so regular passengers are urged to make sure they have, and top-up, a smartcard where available.

The free rides fare amnesty began in late-March to help with physical distancing by reducing contact between our passengers and drivers when handling cash.

While Tasmania has no active cases of COVID-19 we must remain vigilant and take appropriate measures to ensure it does not return.

Using a smartcard where available means we can continue to minimise contact to help reduce the chances of a renewed COVID-19 outbreak.

Passengers should contact their bus operator to enquire about cashless ticketing options such as smartcards. Using a smartcard will also save you 20 per cent on regular fares.

Where only cash tickets are available, passengers are asked to purchase 10-ride tickets to reduce the number of transactions.

Once the fare amnesty ends drivers will accept cash fares but passengers are encouraged to have the correct fare ready when boarding.

Everyone is reminded that they must not use public transport if they are supposed to be in isolation or are unwell.

For more information on catching buses safely go to Travel safe together.

Fares payable from Monday 6 July 2020 (unchanged from pre-COVID) are listed at