Information for travellers to Tasmania transiting via Brisbane Airport

10 Jan 2021

Scott Tilyard, Acting State Controller – COVID-19 Coordination Centre

The Greater Brisbane Area is currently classified as a high-risk area by Tasmanian Public Health Services. This area covers the five local government areas of Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich and Redlands. People from these areas cannot enter Tasmania unless approved as an Essential Traveller.

Authorities understand there are travellers booked to travel to Tasmania from Queensland who are currently located outside of the Greater Brisbane Area, but booked on flights leaving from Brisbane airport.

Domestic travellers from low-risk areas (including travellers outside of the Greater Brisbane area) can travel to Tasmania without the requirement to quarantine on arrival provided they

  • have transited through a medium or high-risk area (for example Greater Brisbane area) to an airport or seaport by vehicle, only stopping for fuel or;
  • arrive directly into an airport on a flight and do not leave the airport except on another flight.

The COVID-19 situation can change at any time, meaning Tasmania’s border restrictions and entry requirements could change at short notice. Please stay up to date and check the latest information before travelling.