Make yourself at home tourism vouchers will not be redeemable if sold

08 Sep 2020

Peter Gutwein, Premier & Minister for Tourism

Thousands of Tasmanians backed our tourism industry yesterday by registering for a Make Yourself at Home travel voucher.

As Tasmanians now go about making their bookings, I want to reiterate that the vouchers are non-transferable and won’t be able to be redeemed if sold.

The registration system provides Tasmanians with their own unique ID code following registration, and people will need to provide proof of their identity that matches the details provided at registration at the time of redemption.

My message to anyone attempting to sell their vouchers or considering buying a voucher from someone who is attempting to sell one, is don’t.

By far, the majority of Tasmanians are supporting this initiative by doing the right thing and I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for the small minority who might be looking to sell their vouchers, and make sure you don’t fall into the trap.