Men’s Sheds on the Road to Recovery

27 May 2020

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Disability Services and Community Development

The Tasmanian Government is a strong supporter of Men’s Sheds and acknowledge their vital role in promoting a sense of community while providing a safe, supportive environment where men can form friendships, share skills and access support.

While Men’s Sheds have played their part in keeping their members safe and connected during COVID-19, our Roadmap to Recovery provides guidance for them to reopen their doors for up to 10 people so they can once again provide a place for Tasmanians to connect and to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Under current Public Health advice, vulnerable people such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions, people aged 70 years and older, people with compromised immune systems, and people with disability are still encouraged to stay home and protect their health.

Men’s Sheds that are reopening in this first stage of recovery need to ensure they have their Worksafe COVID-Safety plans in place to keep everyone safe which includes abiding by the social distancing rules, staying home if you’re unwell and practicing good hygiene at all times.

The health, safety and wellbeing of Tasmanians is our number one priority and as Tasmania begins on our road to recovery, it’s vital that we don’t undo the good work we have all done and unwittingly invite a second wave of infections.

Tasmania has more than 55 Men’s Sheds throughout the State and I thank each and every one for their patience in these challenging times.

Our road to recovery is dependent on a team approach with all Tasmanians working together to follow the rules and keep one another safe, this is about the community and all Men’s Sheds members looking after each other.

More information on COVID-19 Safe Workplace Guidelines is available here