Travel FAQs

Will I be charged to stay in government-designated accommodation?

Non-Tasmanian and Tasmanian residents entering mandatory government-designated accommodation are required to pay a fee from 31 July 2020.

This applies to all non-essential travellers arriving in Tasmania who are required to undertake 14 days quarantine in government-designated accommodation. This includes Tasmanian residents who have spent time in an affected region (currently Victoria) or an affected premises in the 14 days prior to arriving in Tasmania.

Tasmanian residents undertaking quarantine at their private residence are not required to pay a quarantine fee.

See Quarantine for more information.

What if I choose not to travel to Tasmania as a result of the 14 day quarantine period?

If you decide to cancel your travel plans, you may not be automatically entitled to a refund. Where the option of undertaking your travel exists, any cancellation may be seen as a change of mind.

Businesses do not have an obligation to refund for change of mind unless this is provided for in the terms of conditions of the purchases. Check the terms and conditions of your booking and discuss the matter directly with your travel company.

Does my travel insurance cover me if I cancel?

All travel insurance products are issued with a Product Disclosure Statement regarding the scope of coverage and any exclusions. Some policies exclude coverage for epidemics and pandemics.

Read your travel insurance policy’s Product Disclosure Statement and speak directly with your insurance provider to find out more about any coverage.

What do I do if I am sick while travelling?

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, let a member of the airline or ship crew know now. If you are in the airport or seaport, contact a Biosecurity Tasmania officer immediately.

What if I’m from overseas and I’m not eligible for Medicare?

Overseas travellers who fall ill in Australia (and are not eligible for Medicare) often have health or travel insurance.

For those who do not have adequate insurance coverage, Tasmanian hospitals will waive the costs of treatment. This includes waiving payment and debt recovery procedures for ambulance transfers of people suspected to have coronavirus (COVID-19), who are taken to Tasmanian hospitals for assessment.

These arrangements have been put in place to ensure payment issues are not a barrier for people from overseas with symptoms seeking early medical advice.

Can I still move to Tasmania?

If you are currently in the process of moving to Tasmania from interstate, you may need to quarantine, depending on where you are travelling from and whether you have been in any affected regions or premises in the 14 days before you arrive. Read more about Coming to Tasmania.

If you are required to quarantine and have evidence of Tasmanian residency including evidence that you own or have leased a residential property (see above) you may be able to quarantine at your residence. However, as per the quarantine conditions, you will not be able to leave your residence for 14 days and must isolate from all others who you do not live with. While in quarantine you are not permitted to leave the property to purchase supplies, so you should consider whether your new home has all the necessary items to quarantine there for 14 days.

If your new residence is not currently ready for you to live there, you will need to complete your 14 days quarantine at government-designated accommodation.

If you are yet to organise your ongoing living arrangements, you will need to seek other accommodation once you’ve finished your 14 days of quarantine in government-designated accommodation.