Essential Traveller categories and requirements

Last Updated: 07 Apr 2020 5:54pm

Essential Travellers

If you meet the criteria for Essential Traveller status you may be exempted from the 14 day self-isolation requirement but you must still comply with the conditions described in Self-isolation conditions for Essential Travellers.

You can apply to be considered an Essential Traveller based on compassionate or medical grounds, if your work is identified as essential, or for other reasons considered on individual merit by the State Controller.

See the Tasmanian Arrivals Form, and information and application forms for applying for Essential Traveller status.

Healthcare workers should refer to the Information for healthcare workers and the Individual self-isolation exemption application (Health Service). Every healthcare worker seeking an exemption from self-isolation must complete an application form.

If you arrive in Tasmania without an exemption, you will be required to self-isolate in government provided accommodation until such time that you are advised that an exemption has been granted.

If you are approved for Essential Traveller status then you will need to comply with the Self-isolation conditions for Essential Travellers.

I have applied for Essential Traveller status but haven’t had a response

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment is prioritising the applications it receives and working through them as quickly as possible. There are a significant number of applications to assess.

If you have not had a response by the time you arrive in Tasmania, you will be required to self-isolate in government provided accommodation. If your application is approved for Essential Traveller status during that time, you will be notified and allowed to leave the self-isolation.

My application for Essential Traveller status has been rejected, do I have a right of appeal

If you believe there is further information that should be considered by the process, you can re-submit an application for that further information to be considered. You will be required to remain in government provided accommodation while it is considered.